Anonymes Films spills a river of fresh blood in the ocean of Genre films.

Striving for new talents, Anonymes Films aims to combine an authentic artistic vision with a perfect command of film making, in order to create an outstanding visual experience. Noir and fantastic movies, pulps and slashers are not only revisited but reinvented, triggering a firmly modern reflection on Genre films. This policy guarantees the emersion of quaint masterpieces with distinctive visual features.

Anonymes Films explores, eager to discover new shores. Nonetheless, she prioritises subtle, detailled and carefully wrought story lines and treatments.

A storm of delicacy in a brutal world !

(text by luvan


Producer: Eve Commenge
Head Office:
Rue Jean Robie, 30
B-1060 Brussels (Belgium)
Mobile: +32 (0)473 94 12 43